Not only do we shape acoustics for entire homes, we also shape interiors

Our services include:

  1. Sound isolation between rooms and floors
  2. Room acoustics for living areas
  3. Complex acoustics for high end (but not only) home cinemas and recording studios
  4. 3D build up of complex projects from 2D CAD plans
  5. Interior design
  6. Rendering
  • We have in-house interior designers who can bring to life our clients’ ideas to create the ideal living environment  as well as a perfectly integrated home theater.
  • Our team finalizes detailed architectural documentation in 3D as well as CAD plans of all completed projects. That detailed documentation is then forwarded to our clients’ construction team (architect, contractors…).
  • Some of our clients have already an interior designer in place. We often work closely with designers chosen by our clients and communicate our final documentation to them as well.
  • In some instances, we design complex mechanical parts, then collaborate with mechanical engineers in order to create, then manufacture those specific parts which will later be integrated to the related project.
  • We work very closely with integrators and manufacturers regarding audio formats, speaker placement and room calibration.