Passion, dedication and over 20 years of experience in sound "manipulation" and acoustics is what defines our company. What sets us apart from our competitors is our knowledge and rewarded achievements in the music industry (see “Before TME” in the  menu bar).

          At TM Engineering, we are proud of making a truly noticeable difference for our clients in a world where the field of acoustics is most often underrated and undermined by misconception and misinformation. Most people have never experienced a truly mind blowing listening experience in their life. For the lucky ones who have, it always feels like hearing for the very first time.

          Just imagine yourself walking on a beach on a cold rainy night. Then, imagine yourself on the same beach early in the morning under a warm and glorious sunshine . Now that you get both pictures, they can easily be compared to having an ordinary listening experience with a descent audio system in an untreated living room and having the same experience with the very same audio system in the same living room properly treated acoustically. It literally is a night and day experience.

          Yes, a properly treated room can make that much of a difference. The reason why most people do not know about it is simply because they were never informed about the importance of acoustics. A true professional audio/ video integrator will always tell their clients about the importance of acoustics. No matter how expensive audio equipment is, it will never resolve the acoustical issues inherent to the nature of the room it sits in. Moreover, the equipment will never sound as it should. In the contrary, it might just sound terrible, whether or not the proud owner is aware of it.

          We, at TM Engineering, are on a true mission, on a quest for sound excellence. We guarantee results no matter the budget. We are here to help our clients worldwide get the most for their budget.